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Timeless and seasonless collections, each built on the previous one to beautifully work across every moment. We don’t follow trends. The trends often tend to follow us. Our durable, high-quality designs are here for the long run.

Durable packaging

Our packages are made from 100% recycled materials, just like our plastics; those are entirely made from potato starch.

Ethical approach

We’re here to give meaning to everyone’s life while doing the least amount of harm, to either people or the environment. We are here for the well-being of our people.

Luxury easy-to-wear

We are adding rich fabrics, such as 100% sustainable cotton and eco-viscose, to our variety of products powerfully combined with our existing garments. And this is not all; our skilled team of designers are continually updating new fabrics, styles, and looks.


We aim to produce 20% of our entire collection from 100% recycled materials, such as recycled cotton fibres—only one of many goals for the upcoming years.

Jeans from recycled fibre

We adore femininity, but we also like to challenge the status quo. We are always looking for new fabric upgrades. That is the reason we started to develop our signature denim jeans made entirely from recycled fibres.

We want to do this together.


We love our planet just as much as you do. Consequently, we only work with partners we can trust. People who positively influence our production process. Those who treat our planet like you want to be treated - with care and discretion. We are continuously improving our process, from decreasing the amount of chemical and water usage, to energy consumption and waste reduction.

No waste, full recycle. Every step of the process. Every step of our lives.

Better for us, better for you

We don’t believe in excessive overproduction or gigantic stocks. By producing everything in Europe, we can easily down- or upscale our stock, depending on your demand. We listen, we talk, we anticipate. That’s how we believe we can benefit most from fashion. Happy Earth, happy you, happy us.


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